"When she walked out of the door, I felt back to the first time I saw her. How could anybody, ever, have wanted to run away from Juli Baker?" --Bryce Loski, musing about Juli as she comes out to help him plant a sycamore tree.

Julianna "Juli" Baker is one of the main fictional characters from the book "Filled". Ever since Bryce Loski moved into her neighborhood in the second grade, she falls in love with him. Juli is known to hate Shelly Stalls (known as Sherry Stalls in the movie). She has two brothers named Matt and Mark Baker, her mom Trina, and her dad Richard. She is also known for loving a sycamore tree by Collier St. but it was cut down to make way for a house, which Juli becomes very upset about and refuses to climb down the tree - until almost the whole town shows up and her father climbs up and convinces her to climb down. She refuses and begs her dad not to let them cut down the tree, but then her father says “it’s time” and she climbs down she becomes quite depressed and upset for about 2 weeks after the Sycamore tree was cut down.

Appearance: Juli has long Brownish Auburn hair which she usually leaves down, or as seen through the movie she does have it in a side braid or a ponytail. She also sometimes has her hair in a half-down half-up hairdo. She also usually wears old fashioned 60’s dresses or an old flannelette shirt with pedal pusher jeans and black and white converse shoes.

Trivia: Edit

- She is portrayed by Madeline Carroll in the movie.

- Her mortal enemy is Sherry Stalls ( Also known as Shelly Stalls in the book.)

- She hatched 6 Chickens for the Mayfield Junior high Science fair in both the book and the film and she takes care of them and collects their eggs and delivers them. In the book and film, she gives the eggs to both her Neighbours Miss Helms And Miss Stueby, as well as the Loski family but she feels angry and hurt when she finds out Bryce had thrown them away.

- She won the Mayfield Junior High School Science Fair, by hatching 6 chickens in both the book and the film.

- She has had a Crush on Bryce Loski since the Second Grade.

- Her Best Friend Is Dana Tressler in both the book and film.

- In the Sixth Grade, she started Secretly sniffing Bryce’s hair because it smelt like Watermelon, and she couldn’t get enough of the smell, although Bryce did notice this.

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